How we work

Phases of development

Just like each client, each project is unique. However, we’ve found that learning development typically follows this process:

  1. Needs Analysis – you may come to us with an identified performance gap, or we can work with you to identify performance improvements which may be best addressed through training.
  2. Learning and Technical Specifications – once project goals are identified, we collaborate with you to create learning and technical specifications for the project. At this stage we also create a detailed project plan and schedule.
  3. Instructional Design – the storyboards are created for the project based on your content.
  4. Development – our talented multimedia developers and graphic artists work together to build and test your course.
  5. Deployment – the learning solution is deployed for learners, whether on your learning management system (LMS) or elsewhere.

Project management strategies

One of the keys to success in developing your learning solution is quality project management. At Crystallise Learning we assign a project manager as your key point of contact for each project and they remain in close contact with you for the life of the project. We provide regular status reports and briefings as necessary for your project, to ensure you’re always aware of how it’s progressing.

Instructional design approach

 developing engaging and effective learning comes down to the skilled application of theory to each unique situation 
We can talk to you about the key theorists in the field of adult education (Knowles, anyone?) but in practice, developing engaging and effective learning comes down to the skilled application of theory to each unique situation. Our experienced local instructional designers are versed in all pertinent instructional approaches and apply them to achieve the optimum result for your situation. It’s also important to us that we engage with your content in an iterative process to ensure stakeholder feedback is addressed at each stage.


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