About us


 learning principles come first… 
Crystallise Learning was established in Melbourne in 2009 as a client-focused consultative e-learning organisation. While we pride ourselves on producing innovative, technically-advanced courseware, we firmly believe that learning principles come first and “bells and whistles” are secondary. Rather than offer you an “off the shelf” product, our goal is to work with you to identify your desired learning outcomes, then develop a solution to meet them as efficiently and effectively as possible. The benefits to you, our customer, include increased knowledge retention on the part of your learners and an improved ROI for your business. That's a win-win situation!


Trinity Ryan - Director

Our Director, Trinity Ryan, has a background working for large e-learning developers such as Omni Asia Pacific and Accenture Learning, and a Masters in Arts (Instructional and Learning Technologies) from the University of Colorado in Denver. Trinity understands business drivers and the need for demonstrable ROI for training, yet is experienced in balancing this with the motivations and needs of learners. She created Crystallise Learning because she believes that creating engaging, high quality learning solutions needn’t be a costly or time-consuming process.


Crystallise Learning